O & M Manuals

Electrical Operation & Maintenance Manuals are a requirement at the end of most projects where electrical works are undertaken (they are a requirement of CDM regulations).

These manuals contain information about the equipment and systems installed to aid in the maintenance of the works in the future.

The failure to produce acceptable electrical O & M manuals at the end of a project can result in delayed payments on the project and can also be used as a reason for applying penalty clauses for non-completion of works.

Bentham Engineering has a database containing the details of a large number of suppliers / manufacturers; large amounts of equipment information; maintenance procedures; instruction manuals etc.
We have the latest AutoCad LT software for the production of as-installed (as-built) drawings.

Manuals are produced in *.pdf format, fully bookmarked.
Paper copies of the manuals can also be provided if required (with in-house plotting facilities to A0).


Electrical Operating and Maintenance Manuals would generally consist of the following information:

Contact Details
Contact details (inc emergency / out of hours details) of the installation contractor, any subcontractors, main contractor, architect, consultant, relevant utility companies etc

Description of Works
A general description of the works undertaken

Maintenance Procedures
A description of the recommended maintenance and testing for the installed works.

Supplier Details
Contact details of the suppliers and manufacturers for all the equipment installed (aids client with purchase of replacement / additional equipment)

System Details
Details of each of the installed systems (lighting, small power, fire alarm etc) and also any system specific information (eg fire alarm panel operating instructions)

Recommended Spares
A list of recommended spares to be kept on site

Test Certificates
A copy of all the relevant installation & test certificates for the works

As Installed Drawings
A set of drawings showing the as-installed status of the works.




Electrical operating & maintenance manual